TOK Society Listserve

The TOK Society listserve is an active email listserve that is designed to provide a forum to get updates and share ideas pertaining to knowledge and wisdom, human values and meaning making systems, societal changes and challenges, and the place and relevance of psychology in these issues. TOK stands for "Theory Of Knowledge."

The list discusses a wide variety of topics, but it has two overarching concerns. First, it is concerned with the general issue of how our society and educational systems might address the issue of fragmented pluralism and move toward an integrated pluralism. An integrated pluralism is one that embraces the diversity of positions and topics in the world but is simultaneously concerned with placing those perspectives and systems in coherent relationship to one another. As such, the list seeks connections with events, visions, communities, ideas, and works that comment on, contribute to or shed light on our current situation and possible ways forward.

The second focus is on the UTOK as a system of understanding, and how it might provide a central "Rosetta Stone" for assimilating and integrating knowledge such that we can collectively cultivate wisdom in the 21st Century. As such, the UTOK provides the primary reference for the list, and members are interested in learning about or advancing the UTOK as a system of thought and way of being in the world.

If you have questions or are interested in participating, write Dr. Gregg Henriques at henriqgx (at) jmu (dot) edu. He can add you to the list. Currently, there are approximately 150 scholars, students, and interested laypeople who follow the list. Most weeks the list is fairly active, such that there are approximately 4 to 7 posts a day.

If you would like to peruse the list serve archives, they are public and found here.

Note: Please be aware that the name of the list appears as “Tree of Knowledge” (ToK) in places because that was the older name of the society in its original form. It evolved with the set of ideas to become the Theory Of Knowledge (TOK) Society List Serve. On the list, ToK refers to the Tree of Knowledge System and UTOK refers to the Unified Theory Of Knowledge.