An Integrative Approach to Psychological Mindfulness

CALM-MO is the eighth key idea in the UTOK. It is an integrative approach to psychological mindfulness that efficiently and effectively characterizes the key principles to foster healthy socio-emotional processes, both intrapsychically and interpersonally. Grounded in the Unified Metapsychology's model of human consciousness and relations, it orients individuals on cultivating the capacity to develop a "Meta-cognitive Observer" as their modus operandi when they get bumped by the vicissitudes of life. CALM is an acronym that stands for Curiosity, Acceptance, Loving Compassion, and Motivated toward Valued States of Being. The idea is to adopted a "CALM" attitude and orientation to one's body, mind, and spirit (defined in this system as one's orientation toward the ultimate concern).

Here is a longer video on how to cultivate a CALM Attitude. Here is a Psychology Today article on how to calm the "neurotic loops" people often get trapped in. Below are some TOK essays on the idea.