UTOKing with Gregg Podcast

This podcast is devoted to exploring visions of knowledge and wisdom in the 21st Century. The podcast is framed by the concept of "dialogos," which refers to a form of reflective dialogue that cultivates deep interpersonal relating and existential insight and understanding. UTOKing is, of course, a play on words and references the Unified Theory of Knowledge.

The Podcast's guiding frame is...

Introduction to UTOKing with Gregg: Podcast History and Overview

In this introduction and overview, Gregg recounts the history that led him to launch this podcast. It narrates both the development of the Unified Theory of Knowledge (UTOK) and it provides the context for how he came to be connected with new emerging communities (e.g., Game B, metamodern, Rebel Wisdom, Intellectual Deep/Dark Web).

Here is the link to the audio podcast.

Episode 1: UTOKing with John Vervaeke April 15, 2021

Title: The Value of Dialogos

In this first episode of UTOKing, Gregg is joined by John Vervaeke to discuss the synergy that is emerging between John's integrative approach to cognitive science and the UTOK metapsychology. They introduce the concept of dialogos, recount aspects of their respective journeys, articulate what it means to seek a coherent naturalistic ontology that can revitalize the soul and spirit in the 21st Century.

For a 3 minute clip, see here: https://youtu.be/m8gnJiBTpNo

John's YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpqDUjTsof-kTNpnyWper_Q

John's Facebook is here: https://www.facebook.com/VervaekeJohn

Episode 2: UTOKing with Layman Pascal April 19, 2021

Title: "The Greatest Conversation in the History of Discourse"

In Episode 2, Gregg welcomes Layman Pascal. The title is taken from the opening exchange, where the two set the bar of expectation for what follows. Layman recounts his journey into philosophy and mysticism and his desire to connect many perspectives together. The linkages between metamodernism, integral theory, and the UTOK metapsychology are explored, and they highlight possible visions for a religion that is not a religion in the 21st Century.

Three minute clip of the conversation on the future of religion

The Integral Stage YouTube Channel; Layman's Facebook Page

Episode 3: UTOKing with Bruce Alderman April 22, 2021

Title: Toward a Sacred Naturalism

In Episode 3, Gregg welcomes Bruce Alderman. Bruce is a philosopher and spiritual seeker who has deep knowledge of many Eastern traditions and Integral Theory, and he cohosts the Integral Stage with Layman. Bruce shares his journey and how he became interested in metaphysics and developed his approach to Integral Grammatology. Gregg and Bruce then engage in a dialogos that explores the intersection of their worldviews and the implications of achieving a healthy sacred naturalism in the 21st Century.

Three minute clip on learning from other traditions.

Bruce's Facebook page; Bruce on his Integral Grammatology.

Episode 4: UTOKing with Rob Scott April 26, 2021

Title: Understanding the Fundamental Shift

In Episode 4, Gregg welcomes Rob Scott. Rob is a coach and philosopher who has developed a powerful philosophy on living that he calls "The Fundamental Shift." It involves stepping outside of the lenses of our thoughts and how they shape what we see and achieve a greater awareness on how we shape what we see and how we can use that knowledge to adopt more functional lenses that allow us to get a more optimal grip on our relationship with the world.

A brief clip describing the process of becoming aware of the lenses we bring to the world.

Check out Rob's work here.

Episode 5: UTOKing with Lene Rachel Andersen April 29, 2021

Title: Building Bildung in the 21st Century

In Episode 5, Gregg welcomes Lene Rachel Andersen. Lene is a futurist, philosopher, and award winning author of several books, including The Nordic Secret: A European Story of Beauty and Freedom, and Metamodernity: Meaning and Hope in a Complex World. Lene is a leader of the European Bildung Network, which promotes the concept of "bildung," which refers to the interplay between education and knowledge that are necessary for a thriving society. In this interview, she shares her vision for a metamodern society shaped by the educational philosophy of bildung.

Here is brief clip on her vision for government and reflective politics.

The European Bildung Network; Lene Rachel Andersen's homepage.

Episode 6: UTOKing with David Fuller May 2, 2021

Title: Surveying the Sense-Making Communities

In Episode 6, Gregg welcomes David Fuller. David is a professional journalist, reporter, documentary filmmaker and writer who is a leader in the alternative sense-making communities. He is founder of Rebel Wisdom and has spearheaded the conversation about the kinds of changes we may be seeing or need to see in the world in the 21st Century. In this conversation, he and Gregg talk about their respective journeys, their opinions and experiences regarding the Jordan Peterson phenomena and the future trajectory of this metamodern, Game B, integral-unified space.

Here is a clip where David speaks about the trajectory of the media. Here is one where Gregg speaks about Jordan Peterson.

Here is David Fuller's homepage.

Episode 7: UTOKing with Tomas Björkman May 6, 2021

Title: Toward a Metamodern Worldview

In Episode 7, Gregg welcomes Tomas Björkman. Tomas is an applied philosopher and social entrepreneur. He is author/coauthor of several books, including The Nordic Secret: A European Story of Beauty and Freedom, and The World We Create: From God to Market. He is a leader in the metamodern space and has contributed to many crucial ventures, such as Rebel Wisdom, the WhatIsEmerging Platform, and Perspectiva. In this conversation, he and Gregg discuss the crucial point the world is at and how a new worldview might be emerging that can helpfully frame this transition.

Here is brief clip on their discussion about emerging worldviews.

Tomas Björkman's home page.