The Tree of Knowledge System

A Theory of Modern Empirical Naturalistic Scientific Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge (ToK) System is the first key idea in the Unified Theory of Knowledge. It is a theory of scientific knowledge that defines the human knower in relation to the known. It achieves this novel accomplishment by solving the problem of psychology and giving rise to a truly consilient view of the scientific landscape. It accomplishes this via dividing the evolution of behavioral complexity into four different planes of existence. Life, Mind, and Culture emerge out of the dimensions beneath them as a function of complexity building feedback loops that are self-organizing and mediated by novel systems of information processing and communication. The ToK also characterizes modern empirical natural science as a kind of justification system that functions to map complexity and change.

A brief intro is offered to the right, with a longer overview and several essays given below.

For those interested in more published literature, see the Academic Publications. Here is the ToK System on Wiki, and here is an older website devoted to the concept.

Educational Video and Essays on the TOK