Justification Systems Theory

A Theory of Human Self-Consciousness and the Evolution of the Culture-Person Plane of Existence

Justification Systems Theory (JUST) is the second key idea in the Unified Theory Of Knowledge. It is a theory of the structure and function of human consciousness and the evolution of the Culture-Person complex adaptive plane of existence. It offers a new Updated Tripartite Model that divides human consciousness into three domains (experiential, private narrator, public self), and three filters (attentional, Freudian, and Rogerian).

The video to the right offers a brief introduction to the idea and the longer longer TOK-21 Educational Video on the Updated Tripartite (JUST Part I) and on the evolution of human Culture (JUST Parts II and III) are posted below. In addition, there are several TOK Essays on the idea and its implications. For some academic publications, see here, here and here.

Educational Videos on Justification Systems Theory (JUST)

TOK Essays on JUST