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Unified Theory Of Knowledge (UTOK)!

We are living in an Age of Confusion, where the current state of our knowledge is chaotic and fragmented. Much of humanity is experiencing a crisis of sense and meaning making, and our mental health is poor. We need better knowledge systems to effectively coordinate our actions to meet the large scale challenges we face.

Toward that end, Professor Gregg Henriques has developed a "Unified Theory Of Knowledge" (UTOK), which consists of 8 key ideas that interconnect to solve "the problem of psychology" and offer a new theory of reality, the human condition, and our scientific knowledge of both. Via the Tree of Knowledge System, the UTOK places humanity at the cusp of "the 5th Joint Point" as a function of the emergence of the digital landscape. By offering such a clear map of the universe and our place in it, UTOK can play a key role in guiding us in the steps we need to take to emerge on the other side of the Age of Confusion. That is, it can help bring in a second Enlightenment and move toward an Age of Clarity in the decades to come.

8 Key Ideas

Gives a new view of reality and science in four dimensions

Explains the evolution of human consciousness and the emergence of Culture

Provides a unifying framework for mind, brain, and behavior

Maps the key dimensions of the human relationship system

Provides a new big five for personality and psychotherapy

Depicts the major domains of personality development

Clarifies why well-being can be framed as happiness with the worthiness to be happy

Frames an integrative approach to psychological mindfulness that cultivates valued states of being

See TOK Essays on the 8 Key Ideas, the Problem of Psychology, and longer Educational Videos on the UTOK Framework.

Popular Articles

The Four Dimensions of Existence

By Dr. Gregg Henriques

The Tree of Knowledge System maps the four fundamental planes of existence as Matter, Life, Mind and Culture which correspond to the behaviors of ...

The Big Bang is a Psychological Event

By Dr. Waldemar Schmidt

The Unified Framework is not singularly about psychology – in a very capacious sense it explains much, much more. In fact, it is about all that which exists...

Life’s Big Questions and the Tree of Knowledge System

By Dr. Joseph Michalski

The ToK System is a big picture view of the cosmos that enables us to frame life’s big questions, such as who are we, where did we come from, where should we go.

Three Ways to Explain Human Behavior

By Dr. Gregg Henriques

The Unified Metapsychology invites folks to translate everyday folk psychology into the triad of justification, investment, and influence...

For more information, see these TOK Essays on Mental Health, Psychotherapy and Values, and much more.

Selected Podcasts

Gregg talks to Jim Rutt about the many facets of his unified theory of psychology.

Gregg discusses discusses the Digital-MetaCultural Future with John Vervaeke and Jordan Hall.

Session II

Gregg shares with Guy Sengstock, the founder of Circling, how the ToK System emerged in his thinking and its impact on him.

Gregg talks with Gib Gerard about the Unified Theory Of Knowledge and why it is relevant for the current times.

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Understanding the Unified Theory Of Knowledge, the Tree of Knowledge (ToK) System and the Theory Of Knowledge Tree

It is important to distinguish between the Tree of Knowledge System and the larger Unified Theory Of Knowledge (UTOK) in Professor Henriques' work. The Tree of Knowledge System, shown as the diagram to the right, is a new map of cosmic evolution. It is abbreviated as "ToK," which, when said, is spelled out as "Tee - oh - Kay" System.

The ToK System situated in the larger Unified Theory of Knowledge (UTOK, said as a word). The UTOK can be considered a "Unified Metapsychology Framework" because it was born out of psychology rather than philosophy, and it works as a system to solve the problem of psychology and offer a set of ideas that make up a unified or consilient approach to human knowledge.

Theory Of Knowledge: A Unified Approach to Psychology and Philosophy is also the title of a popular Psychology Today blog where Professor Henriques and other TOK Society members post essays about the system. Finally, there is the "Garden" representation of Professor Henriques' UTOK. The center of the Garden is the "Tree of Life", shown to the right. It has the the 8 key ideas as "flowering apples" growing off of it. The first branch on the Tree of Life is the ToK System.

All of these meanings are specific to the TOK Society and Professor Henriques' work. Please be aware that there is the more general meaning of theory of knowledge in philosophy, which aligns with questions of epistemology and how people know what they know and what justifies something as knowledge. There is also an international baccalaureate course called "Theory of Knowledge," which is not directly related to the work of the TOK Society.

The Tree of Life, as part of UTOK's Garden representation of knowledge and wisdom. The ToK System (above) is the first branch on Tree of Life.

There is a TOK Society that has a listserve, weekly meetings, and is devoted to exploring the UTOK and making connections with other big picture visions for the 21st Century. If you are interested in joining the society, have questions about Henriques' UTOK, or would like engaging conversations about these ideas, please contact us using the information below.